What to do when you need to submit a claim.

  1. Contact your service provider immediately to blacklist a stolen phone.
  2. In the case of theft, report to the police and get a case number. 
  3. Inform us of the incident.
  4. Complete the property loss claim form. 
  5. Forward it to us at info@uib.co.za with a copy of the blacklisting report. 
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  1. Contact the police to report the burglary/theft and et a case number.
  2. Inform us immediately so an assessor can evaluate the loss.
  3. Complete a Property Loss Claim Form.
  4. Forward the completed form to us with 24hours of the incident.
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  1. If applicable, contact your satellite tracker and the police immediately.
  2. Get a police case number.
  3. Complete the Motor Vehicle Theft Claim Form.
  4. Forward the completed form to us within 24hours.
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  1. Make sure you are okay and safe from harm. 
  2. Do not admit to pr accept liability.
  3. Get the other person’s name, ID, phone number, car registration, and address. 
  4. If the vehicle is towed, get the contact details of where it was taken. 
  5. Report the accident to the police within 24hours and get a case number. 
  6. Complete the Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Form. 
  7. Forward the completed claim form to us within 24hours of the incident. 
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  1. Notify us of the loss within 30days. 
  2. Complete the Property Loss / Damage Claim Form. 
  3. Compile a list of damaged items. 
  4. Quantify the loss with replacement quotes & obtain damage reports. 
  5. Submit the completed claim form to info@uib.oc.za together with supporting documents. 
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